Wednesday, 17 August 2005


The things you learn, doing research for a story!  I'd never even heard of a minimiser bra before. Well, what do you know.

You can consider that a hint for chapter 12, if you want. ^_^


At 18 August 2005 at 02:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! You're alive! Minimiser bra..interesting. I guess that's so people don't have to tape them down?

At 18 August 2005 at 17:32, Blogger Angus said...

From what I gather, they're basically used to reduce the size of the bust. For the larger-figured woman who wishes she were less so.

Speaking as a guy, this is not information I have often needed in the past (oddly enough). As I said, it's surprising what you learn doing research.

Yes, as a matter of fact, this does have a legitimate place in the story. ^_^

At 26 August 2005 at 19:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to women's underwear, let me just say that, whenever it occurs to me to check back to your site to see if there's a new chapter of Sailor Moon 4200, the disappointment at finding out there isn't one is almost completely offset by the joy of rediscovering, every time, that there exists a really good, enjoyable fanfiction that the author is committed to finishing, the progress of which can even be checked. (How's that for a sentence?)

So, yeah. Keep at it. And don't get into any accidents that will forever impair your ability to keep writing. Like, say, getting hit by a car and dying.


At 27 August 2005 at 18:21, Blogger Angus said...

Thanks for the cheerful thought! :) And thanks, of course, for the kind words.

Matter of fact, I've been thinking of posting a teaser of some kind, as a reward for the faithful. (Smirk.) But this time, it's turning out difficult to find a suitable piece that can stand more of less on its own, because the chapter fits together so closely. It's all one story flow, as it were.

I'll give it some more thought ...


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