Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Anniversary; or, Ye Gods!

I've just noticed that this blog is now more than a year old.

Kind of a scary thought. Back when I started, I was still wrestling with the big combat scene in chapter 11. Now, I've spent the last few weeks wrestling with a scene where…um…Miyo makes a rather startling revelation to the other senshi. (That scene's finished now, thank God, and I'm getting stuck into another one what could be considered the first of two night raids.)

How time flies.


At 10 September 2005 at 09:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya again, ive been reading dis story 4 over a year i think, i hate waiting, but good thing come to those who wait right? anyways, i was rereading chapter nine (so gloomy) and i realized a few things that i wanted to ask

1. The crystlles were destroyed wen they killed serenity rite? so w/e happened to the crystal palace? is it still there? i probably read what happened to it already but i probably totally forgot, and cant reread the chapters again, i would make me too anxious for chapter 12

2. wat ever happened to uranus' space sword? didn't the senshi retreive after she was so brutely slaughtered?

3. i never read much about them, but didn't the younger senshi consist of the amazon quartet turning into sailor cere cere, sailor besu besu, etc.. yadda yadda

$. and finally my last question WHERE THE HECK WAS PEGASUS/HELIOS I CAN'T BELIEVE HI DIDNT TRY TO HELP OUT USAGI AT ALL, the golden crystal sure wuda came in handy, but then again it ur story, so i cant really critisize

anyways, continuing writing, but i hope the sotry's dun b4 i have grandchildren, lol bye

At 10 September 2005 at 09:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

o yah, b4 i 4get, du u no any other good sailor moon fanfic i can preoccupy myself with til ur dun chapter 12?

At 10 September 2005 at 12:52, Blogger Angus said...

Okay, in answer to your questions ...

1. The crystites stopped working -- became inanimate crystal -- after Serenity died. Over the following years, they disintegrated. (One crumbled away when Rei kicked it.) As for the palace ... I haven't said. It's possible that it wasn't very "durable" once Serenity and the ginzuishou were gone. Third Tokyo is built on the site of Crystal Tokyo, so it's certainly gone now.

2. Uranus wasn't wielding the Space Sword when she died (she'd been using a later, more powerful attack, "Astral Thunder"), so it was presumably left wherever it's usually stored -- possibly the same subspace that holds the senshis' henshin wands. It's probably there for Suzue to claim.

3. The asteroid senshi (Sailors Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno; also known as Cerecere, Pallapalla, Vesves and Junjun) appear only in the manga. I'm basing SM4200 on anime continuity, so the asteroid senshi never existed.

The anime-within-a-fanfic "Queen Serenity and her Senshi" does contain a few nods to the asteroid senshi, though. There's "Sailor Asteroid", for example, who flies a mecha called "Cerecere". Though Sailor Asteroid owes a lot to the old 1970's cartoon series "Super Friends," too. ^_^

4. Helios/Elios ... who can tell where they were? Crystal Tokyo fell nearly 1500 years after their appearence in the "SuperS" series, though; this may be a factor. At the time of the fall, Princess Usagi (aka Chibi-Usa) appeared to be single, although it isn't definitely stated that this was so.

Not having Endymion's golden crystal play a role in the defense of Crystal Tokyo does bother me, I admit. I'll consider this.

5. Do I have any recommendations? Hmm. "Millennials" by the High Judge is terrific, though it appears to be moribund. "Sailor Moon Z" by Biles and Hosmer is also superb, but again hasn't been updated lately. Among recent stories, I've been enjoying:
-- "The Nine Kingdoms" and "Makeweight Guardian" by Alsvider.
-- "The Brooch" by Jason Ulloa is also pretty good.
-- PinaPoe's "Waking Ami / Love and Lament" series has been interesting, though it's yet another all-the-senshi-are-lesbians series (of which there are so many that they've become tedious).

At 10 September 2005 at 16:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks ^^ i remembered what my last question,
Princess Usagi's physical appearance, after givin immortality, she she stay the same shape and size she was as chibi-usa or did she grow into an adult form and then stop aging?

At 10 September 2005 at 17:12, Blogger Angus said...

Princess Usagi grew up.

(Yes, yes, I know, she claims to be over 900 years old and still a child. I tend to interpret this as being a side-effect of the Great Ice, at least in anime continuity. She spent centuries frozen, unaging. When the Ice froze, she started to age again normally. But as a little kid, she thinks it's cool that she's technically enturies old, so that's the age she claims.)

At 20 September 2005 at 08:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For an amazing fic please turn to His Lordship Chaos's Angel Electric. It's fairly close to being finished and he updates it regularly. It is also stunning.


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