Monday, 25 May 2009

Updates Today

Playing around today, and I've changed things a little so that SM4200 should display a lot better on handheld devices. (Always assuming that anyone would want to read it on a handheld, of course.) Thus:

  • There is an alternate contents page, which should look a lot better on a handheld. With luck, handhelds should automatically redirect to the new version, but I'm not sure that's working yet. (Will tinker some more tomorrow.) If not, the new handheld contents page can be viewed here.
  • The HTML stylesheet has been updated so that HTML-format chapters should look a lot better on a handheld now.

As I said, this may just be vain tinkering, but still. It's there.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Progress Update

Yes, making progress. Glacial progress, but progress nonetheless.

I am so sick to death of the big combat scene in this chapter. There's nothing clever about it, just characters battering away at each other for page after page. It's close to finished, thank goodness, but these days I'm doing well if I can grind out more than three or four paragraphs at a time. Worse, the writing sometimes gets really disjointed when it's done a tiny piece at a time like this, which takes more work at the revision stage.

Oh, and I've started dating someone, which is also a bit of a distraction. :)

I have high hopes that once the friggin' combat scene is over I'll make better progress. Meanwhile I really didn't want this chapter to take two years to write, but that's the way it's coming out.

My apologies to you all.