Tuesday, 29 April 2008

And after all that…

So much for self-pity. Tonight, sat down and cranked out 500 words, almost effortlessly.



Monday, 28 April 2008

Still, inexplicably, alive

Yes, it's true. By some unbelievable chance, I have still not been struck by a meteor, or vaporised by a runaway nuclear reactor, or devoured by rabid yaks. I can only put this down to an incredible failure on the part of the universe as a whole.

Have to admit that I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately, though.

Chapter 14 stands at 33,600 words, or thereabouts. For the last few weeks I've been stuck in the middle of a scene—the one in which Liam's memories of being Endymion are awoken, if you're interested. I've reached a point with the dratted thing that it's hard to work up much of an interest in writing. About all I've been able to do recently has been to tinker with wording and clarify a few earlier bits.

I've been reading a lot, instead, and watching a fair bit of anime, and even some fansubbed live-action Japanese dramas that I've downloaded. (If you're interested, "Galileo" is pretty good, and the live-action "Hana Kimi" is fun.)

Kind of depressing news, I admit. Certainly depressing for me. I'd like to be writing again. But it seems that I've lost the thread…