Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hardly any update this week

Truth to tell, I've hardly gotten anything written in the last week. I've been feeling very run-down, and have had to be putting in some fairly long hours at work. The two may be related, of course! But basically, when I have had any time to write, writing is the last thing I've been wanting to do.

(Hard to get up the motivation to do anything at all, lately, to be honest. Even reading a book sometimes seems like too much trouble.)

Total stands at 15823 words.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Keeping Busy

It's been a busy weekend. I spent most of Saturday putting up all the Christmas decorations, and mounting all the lights in the windows. (My fingers are still sore. Fixing 240 lights to the window-frames takes all afternoon, and it's cramped, finicky work. Plus it's summer here, and I was working in direct, hot sun. Have to admit that it looks quite nice when they're all on, though.) Then, today, my mother, and my little brother and his wife came over for a Sunday roast, it being my turn to cook for the family; so I spent the morning cooking—roast pork, yumm—and the afternoon entertaining.

Despite everything, I've managed to get some writing done. Chapter 14 now stands at 15,300 words. Suzue has just had an unpleasant shock. If you've paid attention to the previous chapters, you can probably guess what…