Wednesday, 8 November 2006

No, I haven't died. Really.

Well. It's been a while since I posted. Sorry.

As I said last time, I was away for a few weeks, visiting Singapore, Germany, Austria and Italy. (If you care, I liked Singapore and Munich; thought Salzburg was okay; didn't like Venice.) Since I got back, things have been…difficult.

I've done some of the most prolific writing I've ever done—over 17,000 words in a week—but none of it was fanfic. Instead it was a travel journal, to be passed to a family member who I'm not going to be able to see again for a long time. (You may recall that, back in October last year, I commented on a personal disaster. Well, the crows have come home to roost.) I was almost tempted to post the journal somewhere, but there seems little point.

Since then, well, I haven't much been motivated to write. Oh, I've done some work, beginning a major re-write of the problem sections of chapter 13—rewriting from scratch, I think the only way to save it— but it hasn't gone far yet.

I've been reading a lot instead; indeed I've discovered a whole new fanfiction genre and have gotten hooked on Kim Possible fan fiction. Keep having ideas for stories of my own, too, but I'll never write them. For one thing, I've, er, never actually seen an episode of KP. (Nevertheless…damn, but Kigo is more-ish.)

SM4200 is still strong in my mind. I will go back to it.