Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Okay, you've all been very patient. So I've posted a little bit of what I've been working on. Just a taste, to tantalise and annoy you.

As far as progress goes, yes, inevitably work continues. Chapter 14 is now up to 58,000 words. It isn't quite as long as chapter 9, the champion to date, but I rather suspect that it's going to be longer than 9 by the time it's done.

Funny. When I started this chapter I thought it would be quite short. Instead it's coming out novel-length. Well, that's life.

As far as remaining work is concerned -- I've got two and a bit scenes to go. One short scene to finish, and then two more to write. But those "two more" will be big ones. Almost all action, which I hope will be a bit quicker to write than some of the soul-searching I've been turning out lately.

This will not be a fatality-free chapter.