Sunday, 26 March 2006

Anyone still reading this?

Well, I'm still alive, and even still working. Very, very slowly.

The framing sequence I'd planned for chapter 13 is not working at all well, and I may end up having to scrap it. But wrestling with it has taken me forever… *sigh* There's only about 2600 words of chapter 13 done, which is a tiny fraction of where I'd hoped to be by this time.

Also, I have to admit that i've been downloading quite a lot of fansubs lately. That, er, may have been taking up some of my time. (If you're interested in recommendations, I've very much enjoyed Windy Tales, Zipang, REC, Karin, Maria-sama ga Miteru, AIR and Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu.)

Anyway. As a bonus for sticking with me so long, here's a tiny extract from the new chapter, that follows on from where chapter 12 left off. All text subject to change without notice, of course!

In the darkened office of the Olympus Gymnasium, all activity came to a halt. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the two figures that stood in the doorway, silhouetted against a halo of pale, glimmering light. One was a masked man: tall, dark and dressed all in black, an ancient top hat on his head and a long cloak swirling about him.

Before him was a slender girl with a golden tiara on her forehead. Her costume was just as ancient: a sailor fuku, in white, blue and red. The words she spoke were a challenge so well-known it was legendary. In another's mouth, it could easily have sounded hackeyed, ludicrous. But there was a ring of conviction in her voice that left those who heard it in no doubt that she was there to fight for justice…and love.

"Princess of the Moon Kingdom and heir to the throne of Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil. And in the name of the Moon—I'll punish you!"

The moment was pregnant; it seemed to stretch forever. All breaths were held. The girl took one step forward, and opened her mouth to speak again—

And then Sailor Venus seemed to explode. "Ya-HOOOO!" she shouted, punching the air in joy. Then, grinning wildly, she launched herself across the room in an almost feline bound, springing up and wrapping her arms around a vitrimorph's head. "Get it, Sailor Moon!" she yelled. "Get it!"

I hope that'll keep you going for a while…! ^_^