Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Updates on SM4200 web page

I've just posted updates to the four appendices on the SM4200 web page. The updates are as follows:

Appendix 1—Tidied up a little; added minor new information (e.g. the name of the director of ‘A’ Division.

Appendix 2—General revision; cleanup of wording. No new information added.

Appendix 3—Details of events on chapter 11 added to timeline. Spoiler warning removed (if you can't figure out that a timeline contains spoilers, I figure you deserve what you get).

Appendix 4—New entries added to Who's Who. Most spoiler information removed, including notes on how characters have progressed over the course of the story. This should make the Who's Who reasonably safe to refer to while reading the main story. The main spoiler information left is the list of senshi and their identities, which it seems to me is valuable enough that I've left it in.