Sunday, 21 August 2011


Been a long time since I posted...

Well, I haven't been completely idle. Just mostly idle, I fear. Frankly, the writing muse has been far from me for a long time. Mostly that's due to living with my partner; instead of me eating dinner in the evening, and then going and writing, nowadays the two of us eat dinner together, and spend the rest of the evening together as well.

(I wonder how many fanfic writers have stopped writing when they met someone?)

Nevertheless. The writing muse has been nibbling at my ear lately, and I've been getting some words down. One particular interminable scene has finally been finished. The grand total of chapter 15 thus far is now ... er, 4245 words. That's not a lot to show for more than two years, and believe me, I know it.


As a sop to you, to make it look as though I haven't been completely idle, I can at least offer something tangible. I've finally gotten the first 14 chapters of SM4200 together as a pair of ebooks. (Only epub format so far, I'm afraid, but I'm open to doing a PDF version as well, if anyone really wants it.)

My plan at present is to divide the whole series into three volumes:

  • Book One: Lost Moon—the prelude through chapter 9
  • Book Two: New Moon—chapters 10 through 14
  • Book Three: Full Moon—chapters 15 through the coda

You can find the first volume here, and the second volume here.

Neither volume has any cover art at present. If there are any artistically talented people out there reading this, who'd like to contribute something, I'd love to hear from you...