Sunday, 10 February 2008

Still here, still writing

Yup, been a while since I posted last. (Damn, nearly a month!)

I haven't been making nearly as much progress as I'd have liked for a while, because there were a couple of scenes that I'd written that were pushing the story into some uncomfortable, and unjustifiable, directions. (Uncomfortable I don't mind so much. Unjustifiable, I mind a lot.) I had to do some serious thinking and a fair bit of rewriting to make them work. And then, lately, I've been bogged down in a scene that, while it's fairly important (to me, at least; it's not actually critical to the overall story-line), is nevertheless incredibly tedious to actually write. It's nearly finished, thank goodness. Then I can go on to a scene that will probably be a bit more fun: namely, Liam getting his memories awoken. (Ha!)

Anyway, status report. Chapter 14 is at 25,733 words. And, sad to say, there's quite a lot to go. This is going to be a big chapter. Hopefully not as big as chapter 9, but the way things are going that wouldn't actually surprise me. We'll see.

As always, thanks to those of you who are still waiting to read it, and especially to those who read this and take a moment to drop me a line. It's always welcome.

Personal note. If any of you enjoy classical piano, you may like to take a look at this. It's a video of my elder brother, who's a professional pianist and a professor at Florida State University, giving a short performance. I'm no expert, but I think it's pretty good. There's also an article on him here.

(Obviously, by mentioning this I'm breaking my alias, but what the hell. It's not like I try that hard to maintain it anyway. Just for the record, no, my name obviously isn't "Angus," but that actually is what I prefer to be called, even in real life.)