Saturday, 29 September 2007

Yes, I'm still working. And hating it.

It's been a while since I posted. Yes, I'm still working on chapter 14. But very, very slowly.

I could give a bunch of reasons, but the big one—the granddaddy—is that I've written myself into a corner. Done it quite deliberately, too. There's a scene that I need to write that I quite strongly don't want to write. But I do need to write it…so I've pushed myself into a space where I can't go on with the rest until this one is done.

I'm talking about writing about Iku's home life. If you've read chapter 13, you can probably guess why I might not be keen to go there.

I'm working on it. Five or six hundred words done. It's pretty nasty material—or at least, I hope so. (There's very little point if it isn't nasty.) I'm finding that I'll take almost any excuse to work on something else—for example, right now I'm writing this message instead of working—but, when I can't avoid it, I'm writing it. And feeling somewhat as if I've been wallowing in shit.

God, I want this scene to be over.