Wednesday, 28 February 2007

One More Thing

13,000 words. I was on a roll tonight!

Teaser now posted

Okay, I've bitten the bullet. There's a teaser segment for chapter 13 posted—the first 7000 words or so. It's not linked off the main page, because I see it as something of a reward for those who still read this. ^_^

You can find it here. Text-only for now, I'm afraid, because that's how I write. (I don't even use Word. Just plain text.)

Let me know if you see any problems…

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Cheerful Progress

I've hit 12,000 words. Most of the tough bit that I've been wrestling with for so long is now complete. I'm expecting (or at least hoping) to be advancing a bit faster now.

Also…I'm not wedded to the idea, but I've actually been thinking about posting a part of the chapter. The first chunk of it, at least. I'm not keen on posting incomplete work, but…heck, it's been a year and a half. I might as well give you something to reward your patience. ^_^

I'll think about it, anyway.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

New post

After all this time, I'd still never posted chapter 12 on No idea why; I guess I just never got around to it. Well, it's finally there now.

It's a slightly updated version. I've also posted the update on the main SM4200 page, naturally. But don't get excited; it's about as trivial an update as it could be—trivial enough that I didn't even bother changing the "last update" dates. There are, I think, something like three words changed. I only mention it here for the sake of completeness.

Meanwhile it's a warm, sunny summer afternoon here and I'm torn between two choices: writing, or going swimming. Or, for that matter, visiting the local street carnival. (And you wonder why I don't write faster.) Hmm, decision, decisions…

Update: change chapter 13 to chapter 12.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

And still writing

11,000 words. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Moving On

My thanks to those of your who've showed your support. It's greatly appreciated.

And. Um. Chapter 13 has hit 10,000 words. I'm writing again. Sometimes.

That's all for now…