Monday, 22 January 2007

Trying Times

As some of you may have gathered from past entries in this blog…I've been going through some tough times for a while now. I keep thinking that I'm over the difficulties, but the truth is that on some levels, that's just not so. The immediate problem is over, but the consequences are going to last for…well, years, and living with them will be tough. Lately I've been finding that a lot of things just don't seem to matter so much any more. I've started to get really sloppy about some important things, and almost obsessive about other, trivial ones. Probably not a very healthy outlook.

I am, at least, aware of the problem. Turning things around is not so easy, but I'm working on it, or trying to. In fanfic terms…well, for the last few months I've done almost no writing. I just haven't been able to find the motivation. However, this last weekend has been a holiday weekend here, and I've actually managed to force myself to get some work done. Chapter 13 hasn't really progressed much further, but I have at least managed to nail down some important sections that had been giving me problems.

This evening I got cruel with Tuxedo Kamen. In a scene where he speaks passionately to Sailor Moon, I added a single sentence: a snippy comment from Itsuko. "He still spoke like a cornball." It was cruel, perhaps, but it's amazing how much better I feel about that scene after the addition. ^_^

Anyway. I can't honestly promise that I'm going to keep writing in the near future. But at least, right now, today, I'm inclined to start trying again. As for tomorrow…we'll see.

(It's summer here, and getting pretty warm in the afternoons. Sadly, my work-room faces west, and it really soaks up the heat. This does not actually make writing a pleasant task at this time of year. Oh, well.)